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Javy Coffee

I’ve seen coffee concentrates all over social media and I couldn’t decide which ones to try. They all looked so easy to make iced coffee’s so I knew I had to give it a try. For six months I tried the most popular ones and ranked them here!

Reviewed by Jenny Thompson
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Flavor Profile

When I first tried Javy, I expected it to have a watery flavor, or even an acidic aftertaste. And the reason I thought that, is because many of the cold brews and even coffee concentrates I’ve tried have had that flavor…

However, when I made my first cup of coffee with Javy, it’s like my taste buds exploded! The flavor was smooth, rich, and it had that pure coffee flavor that we all know and love. After that, I wanted to know how Javy would taste in specialty drinks like lattes or iced coffees…

So I mixed up a batch of vanilla iced coffee, and it tasted JUST as good! In fact, I thought that it tasted the same (or even better) than coffee from Starbucks. So, after trying Javy, I had to know what made their coffee so good…

And after digging through their website, I found the answer. They have a special brewing process, where they brew a giant batch of coffee, and then distill off the coffee. After a while, you’re left with only an ultra-pure form of coffee, and nothing else. (That’s important because many other products actually freeze dry the coffee or add in weird chemicals).

Caffeine Amount

You’ve probably experienced other coffee products that have TOO much caffeine. They give you an intense buzz that might feel good for a little bit, but unfortunately, you crash hard a few hours later.

Thankfully, Javy has the perfect amount of coffee. Each serving has 60mg of caffeine, which is the perfect amount to wake you up in the morning, without having to worry about crashing later in the day. And if you’ve read any of my other reviews on this site, then you know I HATE it when coffee companies don’t tell you how much caffeine is in their product. Thankfully, Javy makes it easy to find that information.


This is what makes Javy really special, because it’s ultra convenient for you to use. And compared to other cold brews, it’s WAY better…

And there are a few reasons for that. Firstly, when you order a bottle of Javy, you’re basically getting 30 cups of coffee inside of one bottle. I’ll tell you more about how that works in the next section…

But the problem with many other products is that one bottle only has one serving of coffee. So every time you want to drink coffee, you have to get another bottle. Which turns out to be more expensive and more wasteful.

Secondly, drinking Javy coffee gives you a fast way to make your morning coffee, whether you want it hot or cold. You can’t exactly say the same thing about most cold brews, because they’re not as versatile. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make your coffee (hot or cold) I recommend you use Javy.

Easy to Use

Honestly, I’m super lazy.

So when I found out that making coffee with Javy only takes a few minutes, I was SUPER excited. And I didn’t realize how easy it was going to be until I actually tried it myself. So, here’s how it works.

Say you want to make a hot cup of morning coffee. All you need to do is grab a mug of water, and heat it up in the microwave for about 60 seconds. Then, grab one teaspoon of Javy, and mix it into your hot water. Finally, mix it around for a few seconds, and your coffee is ready to drink!

All you have to do now is add in any sugar or cream that you want, and it’s that easy!

Plus, with other cold brew concentrates, you have to deal with that “1 parts concentrate, 2 parts water” nonsense. With Javy, all you have to do is grab a teaspoon out of your draw, and that’s IT! No need for measuring cups, or pen and paper to do advanced mathematical calculations just to make your coffee…

Customer Service

Customer service can make or break a company.

And I’m happy to report that Javy’s customer service is easy to reach. You can press the little chat bubble from their website, and you can get in immediate contact with support, or you can leave them a message.

Or on their “contact us” page you can leave your name, email, and a detailed message of your problem. When I ordered my first bottle of Javy, I wanted to get the tracking information for my shipping. And they were prompt in sending that information over within 24 hours!

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros
  • Ultra fast, easy, and convenient iced coffee
  • Makes up to 35 coffee’s in one bottle
  • Fresh, rich, and silky-smooth
  • Zero sugar, and zero calories
  • Delicious limited release flavor drops
  • Over 20,000 raving reviews
👎 Cons
  • They sell out often
  • They aren't sold in grocery stores
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