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I’ve seen coffee concentrates all over social media and I couldn’t decide which ones to try. They all looked so easy to make iced coffee’s so I knew I had to give it a try. For six months I tried the most popular ones and ranked them here!

Reviewed by Jenny Thompson
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Flavor Profile

Whenever I try a new coffee, the first thing that I want to know is the flavor. So what I did was I ordered both of the flavors that Jot offers (the Original and dark)...

And then I took two days to test both of them out. On the first morning, I tried the Original flavor, and on the second morning I tried the Dark flavor. Now, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Jot, but when I drank my first cup of the Original coffee, I was pleasantly surprised.

Jot tasted almost exactly like normal coffee, and that’s impressive considering it only takes a few minutes to make hot or cold drinks. It had a smooth flavor that wasn’t too acidic, so I’ll give it a 7.5/10!

The next morning, I tried the dark roast. And honestly, I’m not quite as crazy about the dark roast. It might be because I’m not usually a huge fan of dark roasts, but something just tasted off about it. I’m not sure if I got a bad bottle, but it tasted like ould sour coffee.

Caffeine Amount

So, to make your coffee with Jot, you use a full tablespoon of the concentrate. And that tablespoon has 150mg of caffeine. Which compared to the other cold brews, that’s about average, most of them have between 140mg-180mg of caffeine.

However, I still stand by my opinion. The average cup of coffee has about 90 mg of caffeine inside of it, and I don’t like how these concentrates and cold brews up their caffeine dosage. I don’t know if it’s because they want to give you a bigger energy boost so that you keep drinking it. (Just like how energy drinks do)...

But I’m a bigger fan of concentrates like Javy because they don’t overload you with quite as much caffeine.


Ooooookay! Here’s my problem with Jot, I’m not a big fan of how each bottle only gives you 14 cups of coffee. Considering how I drink about 2 cups per day, that means I’m going to need a new bottle every week. And since each bottle normally runs $24.99… that means I’ll be spending $100 per month on coffee!

And for that price, I might as well be going to Starbucks for my coffee! I don’t think it would be quite as bad if they gave you 30 servings per bottle, at least that would make it affordable, manageable, and also less wasteful. But the good news is, the Jot bottles don’t take up a lot of space, they’re easy to store, and you also don’t need a machine to use them with.

Easy to Use

Now, here’s where Jot really shines, because like the other coffee concentrates, it’s really easy to use. All you have to do is grab a cup of cold or hot water, pour 1 tablespoon of Jot, and mix it together. And BOOM- in only a few minutes, you have delicious coffee ready to drink.

Plus, they finally give you a way to quickly make coffee… without you having to suffer through metallic-tasting instant coffee. (Seriously, that stuff is HORRIBLE! Whenever I drink instant coffee, like I said I’ve tried A LOT of coffees… I want to spit it out instantly)

Customer Service

This isn’t really a customer service question… but… WHY IS THEIR RETURN WINDOW ONLY 20 DAYS? I don’t think I’ve seen another company who has such a short return window, and I would feel much more comfortable if they had a 30 or 60 day guarantee.

Now, they do have a customer service email that you can message. However, on their website, they don’t have an instant chat that you can use, and they also don’t have a support telephone number. (At least from what I’ve seen)

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros
  • Easy to use and pour
  • Great packaging
  • Quality customer service
👎 Cons
  • Bitter tasting coffee
  • Overpriced $24 for 12 servings
  • No flavor selection
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