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I’ve seen coffee concentrates all over social media and I couldn’t decide which ones to try. They all looked so easy to make iced coffee’s so I knew I had to give it a try. For six months I tried the most popular ones and ranked them here!

Reviewed by Jenny Thompson
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Flavor Profile

So, let’s go ahead and start with the most important part, the taste.

You might have experienced “pod coffee” (like what you get in a K-cup) that tastes watered down, acidic, or like expired coffee. However, when I first tried Cometeer, I was pleasantly surprised. The second I peeled off the cap on the aluminum capsule, a fresh coffee aroma washed over me…

And considering the fact that Cometeer freeze dries their coffee, I was VERY surprised. (As a side note, I don’t like the freeze drying process, because some studies show that it can introduce harmful chemicals into the coffee. But I can’t make any specific claims on that here).  

Cometeer also claim that their coffee is “hyper fresh” and “the world’s best coffee.” And while I can’t say if those claims are true, I can tell you that Cometeer smells like, and also tastes like fresh coffee.

Because the moment I tasted my first cup of Cometeer Coffee, I can tell you that it was one of the better instant/convenient coffees that I tried. It was WAY better than any type of instant coffee, or even K cups. And the only other coffee that I think might have an edge, is a coffee concentrate.

Caffeine Amount

At least for their Apollo, Birch, and Mocha Java roasts, each of the Cometeer capsules have 180mg of caffeine. Now, in my personal opinion, I think that’s a little bit too much for you to have in a single cup of coffee…

And that’s because the average cup of coffee only has about 95mg of caffeine. So when you start making your coffee with Cometeer, you’re giving yourself A LOT more caffeine. And that means if you’re not used to taking that much caffeine, you could feel an extra strong buzz, get the jitters, or even desensitize yourself to normal coffee.

But for some of you guys who need an EXTRA big boost, you might like having that much caffeine. However, if you’re trying to limit your caffeine intake, or you don’t want to ruin regular coffee for yourself, maybe you’ll be better off opting for a solution with lower caffeine.


Okay, here’s what’s very unique about Cometeer…

They basically took K-cups to the next level. And that’s because when you order a case of Cometeer capsules, you’ll get something that looks like normal K cups. However, with these, you don’t need any sort of machine to turn them into coffee.

All you have to do is add the freeze-dried capsule into a cup of hot or cold water. And the coffee will immediately melt, mix with the water, and give you fresh-tasting coffee in seconds. Honestly, this is pretty darn cool to use, but there is a significant cost…

Just like with K-cups, making all of your coffee with Cometeer is pretty wasteful. And while the company does use recyclable aluminum to make the pods, there’s no telling what these recycling companies actually do with the aluminum. For all we know, they could be stockpiling them in landfills and not actually recycling them! That’s just my personal opinion, but if you’re environmentally conscious at all, just take that into consideration.

Easy to Use

Using the Cometeer Pods is very simple, it only takes me a few minutes to make my coffee in the morning. And over the past few weeks, I realized how much time I was wasting in the morning on brewing coffee, or even driving to Starbucks.

And compared to regular Keurig machines, these pods are MUCH easier to use. And these are also perfect for making your coffee when camping (especially since you don’t need electricity or a big bulky machine).

Also, another great selling point for Cometeer Pods, is you can make any of your favorite hot or cold drinks. Compared to other types of cold brew or instant coffee- you can’t always say the same thing.

Customer Service

Now, here’s the final point for this review, how is Cometeer’s customer service?

Well, first of all, Cometeer is another one of those companies that doesn’t have live chat support. And that’s really annoying, because live chat is something SO SIMPLE that these companies can do to provide a superior customer service experience…

But with that said, they do have a contact form on their website, as well as a customer service phone number that you can call. Plus, after ordering my first package of Cometeer, they were quick to follow up with me, and make sure that everything went smoothly with my order. Not too bad!

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros
  • Tasty flavor profile
  • Variety of roasts to choose from
  • Good customer service
👎 Cons
  • Bulky to store at home (stores in freezer)
  • Expensive pricing $64/month
  • Just as time consuming as making a normal cup of coffee
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