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Jenny Thompson

Name: Jennifer "Jenny" Thompson

Age: 38

Gender: Female

Occupation: Freelance travel writer and coffee enthusiast


Jennifer, commonly known as "Jenny", grew up in the coffee-rich regions of Colombia, where her parents were coffee plantation owners. From a young age, Jenny developed an appreciation for the rich aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee. With a degree in Journalism from a reputable university in the U.S., she combined her passion for coffee and writing into her career. Over the years, Jenny traveled to various countries, exploring their coffee cultures, flavors, and traditions.


  • Coffee exploration: Jenny loves visiting local coffee shops and trying out different beans and brews.
  • Traveling: She enjoys traveling to new places, meeting new people, and learning about their coffee rituals.
  • Reading and Writing: Apart from her freelance writing, Jenny loves reading novels and maintains a personal blog where she shares her coffee tales.
  • Photography: She has a keen interest in capturing the essence of her coffee experiences through photos.

Tasty Coffee Tales Connection:

Jenny started "Tasty Coffee Tales" as a platform to share her coffee experiences from around the world. The website is a blend of her travel tales, coffee reviews, and captivating photos that transport readers to coffee havens worldwide. Through her website, Jenny wants to create a community of coffee lovers and share knowledge about the coffee world's nuances.


  • Curious: Always eager to try new coffee blends and brewing methods.
  • Adventurous: Never hesitates to travel to a new place in search of a unique coffee experience.
  • Detail-oriented: Pays close attention to the nuances in coffee flavors and aromas.
  • Friendly: Engages with her website readers and values their feedback and recommendations.

Preferences in Coffee:

  • Brewing Method: Prefers pour-over but is always open to trying different methods.
  • Favorite Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for its fruity and winey flavors.
  • Taste Profile: Enjoys a balanced cup with bright acidity and a smooth finish.